So here we go – the official announcement of our game: Caromble. A breakout clone of so epic proportions that it will shake the very foundations of the universe! …or at least the physics-based-3D-breakout-clone universe, we are sure.

Caromble Promo picture

A little optical fluff, to sell it to ya.

The original Breakout.

The original Breakout. You might also know it as Arkanoid.

It not set in stone what comes out of it: Maybe just a free game, and maybe a bit more if all goes well. Right now let’s call it “indie-project for fun” – because the fun is what matters.
The game was born from an idea of 3 programmers from Utrecht (Netherlands): Pascal, Peter and Thomas. They worked on a physics engine based on Ardor3D and used it for a 3D variation of the good old classic Breakout. Later they invited me (Thomas number two) to do the art side, and Stefan for the music and sound.

Let’s start with the first screenshots – I think they give quite a good idea of what the game is about. You steer the paddle, and have to keep the ball in the field to clear it from the blocks. The twist is that it is not just a 3D version of the classic – it actually has nice physics. So you will see collapsing stacks, ramps and explosions… because you always need explosions!

Maybe you can guess from the page design that we’re also further in setting the style of the game. There is also more to the gameplay. The next updates in the blog will run a bit through these changes, and why we did them. We will explain the game design, how it evolved and where the road leads us. Well, rather than a nice road, it will be more like a steep mountain to climb until we’re here we want to go – and there will be lots of experimenting.

We hope you stay with us, when we continue our updates. We’re of course curious of what you think of the goods. How about the name, the concept? Any critiques, ideas you have to get off your chest? Here’s the place.