We’re working right now on the content for the Indigo – that means getting the first level nicely playable. One thing we will have to do (possibly later though), is to rescale the layout of it. My concept just totally underestimated the size differences between the small scale and the big scale (we want to go from small crates up to destroying skyscrapers).

Here is a sketch just visualizing the size progression:

So instead of this:

We have to do something more like this:

This is very different from usual breakout games. They are very “top-down” usually – not going into height at all, even if 3D. So this will be a gamedesign challenge, to get a more vertical gameplay working. It has advantages though: The top-down camera is not very impressive – so if we can manage to change the angle, then the look of the game will improve. It will also set us apart of existing games.

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