The last update is a while ago, but there has been nice progress. Most importantly the programmers have been very busy with the editor, as we planned after our Indigo-reviews. We have now a working tool to build levels without working only in abstract text files. There are bugs left to fix for sure, but new levels will pop up here soon.

On the art side there have been mostly changes to the existing assets. Lot’s of boring resizing. But it was necessary, since the whole setup in the demo didn’t quite work. The steps will be always in multiples of four – its easier, and more logical. (Interestingly – after figuring this out with lots of number crunching, I learned that four is a recurring number in “Scaling Laws In Biology And Other Complex Systems“.)

Object Resizing

Object Resizing

Some gameplay tweaks are in already and just need tweaking and extending. For example the spin idea mentioned in earlier posts.

New Gameplay mechanic: Spin ball

A new gameplay mechanic: the spin ball.

And some features we’re planning still, if we get around to it. One of them is to let the people in the game run away from the ball. Should make it a bit more livelier, relatable… and fun! Who doesn’t like chasing little scared humans with a wrecking ball?

Gameplay Crowd

Gameplay Addition: Crowd

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