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New Asset: The Oil Silo

This new object is a bit simpler than the old batch, because the rushed assets usually turned out nicer in the game than the detailed ones. It’s one of the toughest parts in game art to keep the bigger picture in mind. When an artist works on something, then it is easy to optimize detail/contrast/colors for this specific item. But all those properties work completely different in a scene it has to share with many other objects.

So here it is: thicker lines on the texture. Less and softer details. And less color.

Ardor3D interview

The makers of the Ardor3D engine have put an interview with our team on their website. It’s about how their engine works for us, about the art style and some more. Thank’s guys!

We also have been visiting an event by the Dutch Game Association about funding, to get some feedback about the business side and maybe some contacts for publishing plans. It was encouraging to hear that there is good potential and helpful to learn about the next steps to go. We got a lot of work ahead of us.