Up to this point the background story has been our neglected child. She has become a wild beast. But now we are walking her back from the forest and we begin to tame her.

I hear you ask: “Why does Caromble! need a background story?”. The answer is quite simple and binary. Concerning stories there are 10 types of gamers. Those who ignore the story, just play, and find that beating the game is its own reward. And those who want an explanation for what they are doing.

But that’s game design theory speaking. The real reason is that we love stories! Every Friday we come up with tons of new game ideas, backing them up with a story as we sing their theme songs describing new fantasy worlds. Games in general are about doing stuff we can’t do in the real world.

Caromble! will be about good vs. bad alien ‘viruses’ in an earth-like environment. That leaves us with more than enough ingredients to write a wonderful background story to reward our players looking for meaning in their games and lives.

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