What to wear in London?I’m so excited! Tomorrow, Thomas D and I are going to London. To EToo London that is! This is a so-called ‘companion event’ to its big brother E3, presented by Keith Stuart (Guardian games correspondent) and Georg Backer (Black & White anyone?). There, we will be interviewed about Caromble! and our personal lives on Wednesday evening. On Thursday, Caromble! is playable on the conference (ehm.. pub) floor.

Wow! A one day trip to London to showcase Caromble!. Does that make us like actual game developers for super real now? I’m pretty excited, but I can’t seem to choose what to wear. Casual, representative, swagger, tech geeky or just plain freaky. Below are some of my current options. I hope I can decide…

Oh, and if you want to see the interview live, check in here around 21.30 (London time).

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