A while back we hinted about it: Boss Fights. Originally, the idea was that the virus shards were items you would collect to progress through the game. But after a long discussion we felt that this was typical behavior seen in so many other brick-breaker games. We didn’t want the virus to be stationary, we wanted it to take the fight to you!

So about that fight, well, I really do not want to spoil everything before you get a chance to play the game… Previously we got inspired by games like Pinball, this time though, we looked at SCHMUPS (Raptor!) and even games like Pong. While Arkanoid will always have the most evillest boss out there (DOH!), after a few days of programming, our (still nameless) boss is shaping up to be a pretty good challenge.

When we started building our game engine, many, many years ago. We were trying to build it as generic as possible (trying to be able to support fps/race/etc -basically all games). For some part, this was a waste of time; When we started working on Caromble! we quickly gained a lot more focus and improved the engine on areas needed for Caromble! -finally making some serious progress.
But not all was lost, because for the boss behavior we could reuse code from years back that still proved to work just fine. For programmers like us, that feels awesome!

But enough with the sentiment, we finally got our Etoo London interview online, check it out!

And again, if you’re going to Gamescom and want a go at Caromble!, just let us know!

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