When I joined the team, my co-developers lied to me about only working on Fridays… Our previous ‘Caromble! Friday’ lasted three days. Yes, it was super-duper Caromble! weekend!

So what did we do this weekend? We refactored the menu – because one might want to navigate through the necessary game options. Also, we tweaked some sound issues – to hear better what you see moving around. And, we made quite some progress on the levels – which are currently over 75% done. Woohoo!

As we are polishing the levels in chronological order, we now get to work on the more complex levels. This means we sometimes encounter a level which would be best described as an enigma. Fun to play and inversely as fun to tweak. I’m exaggerating, but still our level design isn’t always friendly for ourselves. Motto’s like ‘KISS’, ‘worse is better’, ‘less is more’ are sometimes forgotten while trying not to ‘kill your darlings’.

However, with these principles in mind we used a chainsaw to revise our very big to-do list, a.k.a. feature creep list. Because all our decisions are made together – on a 6th century round wooden table – we sometimes tend to get into long-winded discussions. This time we somehow managed to avoid these. We prioritized everything by taking votes, which seemed to work quite well.

Besides creating a game, we also played some games, ordered a lot of food and watched South Park. The last episode happened to be very informative about the pros and cons of the PS4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately, there was no mention of Caromble!. But, as we develop this game for PC, Mac and Linux, I don’t hold any grudges against the creators.

We sideways watched the Netherlands football team tie against the blue samurai from Japan, and last but not least we saw the arrival of Sinterklaas into our country. The presence of this saint often leads to candy in your shoe; hence the title.

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