As the gameplay of Caromble! is zeroing in on the final outcome, it’s time to do the same for the look of important assets of the game. This is a view of how the Alien design evolved.

The style matures over the course of a development, so it’s always a good bet to do these items at the last, to have them at their best. Background story and gameplay are still somewhat in flux, but little enough to give this a shot.

Above are three old iterations – with the first being from the very earliest posting about the alien concept. It became already more creature-like in the step some months later. And in the next version, when the game-story was defined, it became even more of a vicious actor.

We decided based on the latest story iteration, that the alien would hold items. So this is a very recent redesign – making it more into a shell.

The team chose the variation they liked. And since we’ve noticed when we showed the game that players sometimes didn’t know what to make of this thing (is it good or bad), the request was to add even more personality. So now the features look more like eyes, and I’ve added something like a mouth.
So here is the final version, that will make it’s step into 3D soon.

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