Christmas treeThis is no political blog. Although, one could consider us as a single-issue party for Caromble!.¬†However, we have yet to launch our political campaign. So let’s start right here. Vote Caromble! on Greenlight. Or for president. Just vote!

Where were we? Right, I wanted to address a political issue.

I’ve happened to notice there are some discussions about why people celebrate Christmas. Sometimes referred to as The War on Christmas. Is it a holiday about food, presents, family, Christ, Santa Claus, or an evergreen conifer? To be politically correct, I avoid to answer this question. But, I think it’s great to have hours of extra free time to play video games!

Unfortunately, this Christmas will go into history as the holiday in which video gamers around the globe could not yet play Caromble!. I very much look forward to a later blog post which might be titled ‘Happy gaming!’.

For now, Happy Christmas!


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