We have discussed a lot of topics on this blog, but as far as I recall, never one about the sound effects of the game. Which of course doesn’t mean that we haven’t been working on them a lot lately. Or actually, Nineyards have been making a whole bunch of new awesome sound effects for us, and we have placed them in the game.

Making good sound effects and music is one thing, making those effects feel exactly right in the game is quite another. It takes quite a lot of tweaking and tinkering to get it right. We previously had no experience adding sounds to a game, so it was quite difficult to describe exactly what we wanted.  It also involves saying a lot of things like: “Can you try making it a bit more like whohoho-zhroom”.

We still have some tweaking to do, such as setting the gain of all sound effects exactly right. Also there are still some bugs in the sound code. But already we are quite happy with the result. We are really curious to hear what you think about our sound effects.

Anyway, how about we’ll just erhm, show you.




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