Often, we write these blog post to brag about our amazing accomplishments, but sometimes, just sometimes, game programming can be just that: …programming. This week there are no heroic successes, no courageous stories, no valiant efforts or exaggerated achievements. No this week it was just work.

So what does a ‘normal’ Friday of working on Caromble! looks like? Well, we’re rewriting how we save our assets in the build script, fixing issues that are causing micro stutters in the menu and explosions, improving gameplay for levels in the last chapter, working on the new paddle and alien models (yay!),  building the menu, fixing and adding sounds, celebrating Sinterklaas, buying a new bicycle etc, etc. I guess nobody can accuse us of being lazy on Fridays. But as you can see, we need more Fridays in a week!

So what to do with lack of content. How do we get away with this? Screenshot!


…and back to work; who needs sleep anyways?



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