As we are getting closer and closer to an actual release of Caromble!, we’re often struck with a flash of sentimentality of how it all came to be.
As you all know, we only work on the game for one day a week (plus all our spare time). Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we started working together quite a while back…

It was somewhere in 2008. We were a bunch of friends all studying Computer Science at the University of Utrecht. I do not quite remember who’s idea it was to start building games. As for myself, since I read about the work of John Carmack on games from Doom to Quake3 (I guess I was about 11/12 years old), I always wanted to know how to build my own games (and engine). In that year of 2008 we started to talk about building games more often, and pretty soon we simply decided to stop talking about it and start building our own game engine.

Of course, there was this tiny little problem. We were still studying full time and had side jobs to pay for rent. We first tried working on the engine after college hours only , but pretty soon it became clear that we needed more time. Therefore, we simply decided to skip some classes to be able to work on the engine for a full day every week. Sure, probably our grades suffered a bit, but I still believed we learned more on that one day than all the others combined.

After about a year of fiddling around with our own engine, we started building games/prototypes with it. We worked on all sorts of games, starting a new one every other month, never finishing anything. We worked on pong clones, ball/magnet puzzle games, top-down zombie shooters, zombie puzzle games, games with fireworks on music and much more. At one time, we even secretly used the motion capture lab of the University to record zombie motions…

Around that time, one of our team members decided it was enough. Jiri left the team and got his life back:) (However sad, we really cannot blame him). We realized something had to be done. We decided to focus on the simplest game idea we could muster up and planned to finish that game in about 6 months (this was back in 2010). We made a simple prototype of a 3D breakout game and send it to a graphics artist (Thomas S) who we met during a Global Game Jam a few months earlier. He instantly agreed to join our team.

The first prototype, before it was called Caromble!

With the addition of Thomas and a little later Raymond, we knew we could finish this little game in no time. And as such Caromble! was born.
Since it is our first game, you cannot really blame us for our planning to be a little off now can you?

A lot has changed since then, we’re a little older and wiser. After we got our Computer Science degree, we again had the problem of needing more time. Since skipping classes worked out pretty fine, we decided that we could skip work for one day a week just as well.

And this is what we still do. Sure we had ‘a little’ delay. But at the same time, Caromble! grew from a simple prototype to a full blown game, much bigger and better than we could ever have dreamed of… I really cannot wait to release it into the wild!!



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