Disclaimer: These doubts and uncertainties reflect those of Pascal and not necessarily those of Crimson Owl Studio as a whole.

– Will people play Caromble! long enough to reach the end of the game?
– Should we make a new trailer soon or should we wait until we are closer to release?
– Will we even get greenlit before Greenlight is stopped by Valve?
– Should we try and port Caromble! to some consoles?
– If we continue game development with this team, should we start with Unity and stop with our self-made engine?
– Are people (besides family and friends) even reading these blog posts?
– Will a hint of story motivate more players to reach the end of Caromble!?
– For what price should we offer Caromble? online?
– Is it a good idea to make our next trailer a bit more absurd?
– If we are porting Caromble! to tablets, would it be better to make a smaller version (Caromble! Mini) with only the challenge levels?
– Are there intelligent species on other planets that play videogames and struggle with game design decisions as much as I do?
– How much polish does the game still need at this point?
– How much effort should we put in juicing the menu?
– Are all game mechanics introduced clearly enough and will players know how to use them?
– How big should a test panel be to be representative?
– Should we find a marketing/guy girl to help us?
– Am I too stubborn in team discussions for game design ideas I stand for?
– Will we release Caromble! before the end of this year?
– Is game development something I want to do full time?
– Did people like the ‘Dear Lisa’ blog post and should we write a follow up?
– Does making Caromble! with my friends have any negative consequences for these friendships?
– Should we put time in mailing press right now or wait until we are a month from release?
– If we release Caromble! on Leap Motion Airspace before other platforms, will people then see Caromble! as a Leap Motion specific game?
– Is the balance in our team too heavy on the technical side?
– Will a failure of Caromble! make me regret the investment of the last 4 years?
– How much longer can my girlfriend bear me talking about Caromble! on a daily basis?
– Would it be smart to release a small demo of the unfinished game to try and boost our greenlight votes?
– Will I enjoy game development as much as I do now when I would do it full time?
– Will people like this blog post?
– When would I be satisfied with Caromble! in terms of success?
– Does this gif image have any added value to this blog post:

Say hi to my little friend

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