Almost every game will have lots of moving objects. From an animated deck of cards or a gun that’s reloading, to huge armies that are running around the screen.

In Caromble! we have plenty of moving objects. But most animations are pretty basic. Therefore, way back at the beginning of the development of Caromble!, the question arose “how could we make these simple animations look more interesting?”

When animating an object from one place to another, the first implementation is usually to move the object with constant speed to its target position. This will look very static and unreal because in the real world, objects will need to accelerate to get to a certain speed and decelerate before stopping completely.

Objects that move with constant speed from A to B will have a linear transition from A to B. We can define a transition as the relation between the difference in time to a difference in position (or to be more abstract, a difference in animation). This is often called tweening.

Transitions are not only used in games, but webpages make plenty of use of them as well. You can play around with transitions/tweens yourself.

Below you can see how it looks if we apply some transitions to the movement of objects in our engine:

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