We are working on Caromble! only one day a week for about 4 years now. During this time our primary goal – Learn about every aspect of game development by building an actual game – didn’t change. However, an important secondary goal changed.

After finishing our own game engine and creating all kinds of prototypes with it (as described in our article: How it all came to be), we decided to make a simple game: a modern 3D Breakout. The goal was to make a short, simple game and learn as much about game development as possible and then move on to a full game project. But, creating this simple game seemed to be a lot more work than we anticipated, and our secondary goal of ‘making a simple game and move on to a full game’ gradually shifted to ‘make Caromble! a full game we can be proud of, for the rest of our lives!’.

Our attitude towards that one day we devote to Caromble! changed along. Before, this day felt as our ‘hobby day’ besides our normal work days. Some of these days went by with polishing and fine-tuning insignificant details. However, to actually finish Caromble! someday, we had to change to a more professional attitude. This seems obvious, right? For us, it wasn’t that simple.

Our greatest pitfall is that we are part-time indies who don’t have financial worries because we have a steady day job. Hence, we are not dependent on this game and it does not necessarily have to be a success (mind you, we work hard to try to make it a success!).
This means we don’t feel the pressure of a deadline or the fear of empty pockets. We learned to overcome this pitfall by prioritizing often and by defining smaller, clearer tasks. Both these actions help us to keep focus. It also helps a lot to show Caromble! on game events. These events provide real deadlines that force us to improve the game as much as possible, because we want it to be as good as possible.

Another pitfall is that we keep underestimating the project’s scope. For a lot of projects this would be a danger towards project completion. As we don’t want to make any concessions to the game we envisioned. Our only solution for this is straightforward: we just have to work hard and motivate each other to keep going!

We are already proud to have come this far and we want to sincerely pay our respect to all those indie teams who have already finished one (or even more) games! We hope to join you this year!

Gamekings Studio

Exhibit A – Crimson Owl Studios at an event; with Dennis de Bruin (Gamekings), Thomas D & Raymond (Crimson Owl Studios)

Crimson Owl Studios

Exhibit B – Working hard










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