Part two of our interview series where the Caromble! developers interview each other. This time our interviewee is Thomas Duindam.

Thomas Duindam drinking a beer at a festival

Thomas drinking beer at a festival

Thomas, when will you release Caromble!?

2014-ish. We release the game when we decide it’s finished.

How many times has this question been asked to you?

It’s a logical question to ask. I wonder about it myself. This year we will at least release something! We will open up and allow for early access to our game.

Let’s ask what should have been the first question: Who are you?

I’m one of the developers of Caromble!. I am a software engineer in the medical field by day, and a game developer by night – and most weekends. Sometimes I drink beer at a music festival.

What is your favourite game?

Monkey Island. I enjoy games with a strong narrative and which are able to immerse me into another world. It impresses me more than abstract skill games.

That sounds a bit like the opposite of Caromble!

Yes it does, but I don’t think that’s a problem. Opposed to my previous anwer, I also game to relax instead of desiring to have a new experience in another world. I relax the most with games that have familiar mechanics. It’s like deciding to watch an important art-house movie or a easy to digest blockbuster. When I want to relax I choose the latter. When I want to relax and play a video game, Caromble! will be a very good choice.

That sounds like fun! I want to play Caromble! How would you describe a day in the life of a Caromble! developer?

Wake up. Drink coffee. Commute to this week’s developer studio / kitchen table. Drink some more coffee.

This is followed by:
– 25% coding, mostly fixing bugs.
– 25% discussions about Caromble! At the time mostly about project management.
– 25% lunch.
– Another 25% coding.

Sometimes the Caromble! workday ends here. Other times the day continues with:
– 25% playing games and drinking beer.
– 25% coding, mostly creating bugs.

You mentioned discussing about the game. What was the most difficult decision during this project?

I remember the infamous ‘Feature Creep Dooms Day’. It was a day’s length discussion about the scope of Caromble!. We slaughtered many feature ideas. At the moment I think the scope is still too big. 25% of the current scope would also suffice for a really nice game. Three lessons learned: limit your scope, limit your scope, limit your scope.

Could you name some ‘slaughtered’ ideas?

Portals, which was the hardest to let go off. Switching gravity’s direction. Zombies. Multiplayer.

Sounds like enough ideas for a Caromble! sequel. You are developing Caromble! for quite some time now. What keeps you going?

I like the game so far and I am very curious about what the final version will be like!

What is the element of Caromble! that you are most proud of?

All technical stuff that’s written in Java. A lot of people said it couldn’t been done! But we did!


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