Firstlook 2015 is over, and my voice almost sounds normal again. Two days of talking about Caromble! with loud music blasting from speakers everywhere did take its toll.

But a creaky voice is a very small price for the awesome experience of seeing so many people play and enjoy Caromble!.  At times there was even a bit of a crowd around our booth, unfortunately also resulting in a bit of waiting time occasionally. Guess we’ll bring two machines next time. We’ve been on shows before and had plenty of feedback from players on other occasions, but the feeling you get when someone genuinely enjoys the game you made never seems to get old.

We also made a picture to prove that marketing is also something that we take very seriously, and that we have been giving our best effort during the Festival.

You can't see the picture, so just assume that whatever you would have seen here would have convinced you of how very seriously we take our marketing effort.

Without any doubt, only a team taking marketing very, very seriously could have made such a picture.

And finally a congratulation to Jenfri for winning tickets to Firstlook by writing the best slogan for Caromble!: If it ain’t solid it will Caromble!


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