This weekend, as part of an internal sprint we created what will be the final, official, and ultimate version of our paddle.  We call it the Paddle Mark 4.

The Mark 4 was designed with only one thing in mind. Better feedback than the old Mark 3. The Mark 3 did have a system for visualizing the size of the paddle, with removable segments. This system proved cumbersome in maintenance, and more importantly, it was way too subtle.

That’s why the Mk 4 was designed with two separate moving base-parts, that can be moved apart or closer at will. The shield for bouncing the ball can take any size required.

Additionally, to provide some much needed feedback for the charge-ball mechanism, the back part of the Mk 4 has been fitted with a charge-indicator-shield. Appearing as soon as the Mk 4 begins to charge, it will grow to fill the entire rear-end of the paddle. This give you an accurate estimation of how much the paddle has been charged.

More features might be added to the Mark 4 before release, but plans for those must remain classified for a while.

Please, enjoy some footage of the Paddle Mark 4 in action.