I’ve posted the sketches earlier, and you’ve probably seen the artwork pop up in various shapes everywhere. But I haven’t posted a nice clean version here yet – and how about a wallpaper?

I’m used to do marketing artworks, but never actually been on the side of using them myself. So it was once again a good chance to learn some lessons. I chose the highest resolution I could work in, and kept everything in separate layers. That makes working slow, but pays off in the end. In this case especially when the big banner for the firstlook expo had to be printed.
The part that I wasn’t aware of, is how many different formats I’ll have to use this one in. The high banner is quite different from the square Steam

Caromble Banner Photo

There were quite some adjustments to get it into this format – so it’s good to keep all major elements in layers.

Caromble banner artwork

And here is the final version – this time the size for the banner. Some elements moved and the path is longer than in the wallpaper. I like this version of the composition a lot.