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Back from Gamescom


We are back from our two-day visit to Gamescom.

This Wednesday we left at 6:30 from Utrecht and arrived two hours later in Cologne. First we went to the Holland Pavilion to check our own game. To our surprise it didn’t work. The gaming pod which Caromble! was on featured multiple games which you could browse. Unfortunately, the game browser couldn’t start our game. As we couldn’t fix this at the spot, we called our headquarter in the Netherlands to fix it (Thanks, Thomas D!). Next we checked some other indie games in the business area and talked to its developers. Afterwards we visited the public Gamescom areas and enjoyed the over-the-top booths of the big companies. In the evening we had dinner with fellow game developers at the Neumarkt, visited a jazz bar, and let the massive Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) impress us.


The next day was all about meeting people, and to show our game to them on the laptops we brought. We had some scheduled meetings, but most of the time we tackled people, mostly press, to talk about our game and get to know each other. It’s hard to get in touch with the right people when they don’t have a booth, and when it’s impossible to read their business card from outside their personal space. In the evening we ended our Gamescom tour at the Holland Pavilion which was really crowded at that time because of the great games and free drinks.

Meet us at Gamescom 2013

Coming Wednesday (21st) and Thursday (22nd) we will be in Cologne at Gamescom. Hopefully we will raise some more awareness for our stunning game!

Caromble! can be played at the Holland Pavilion (Hall 4.2, booth number B-030) because our friends at Dutch Game Garden put our game on INDIGO.

We don’t have a booth ourselves, but we will pop up everywhere to let you play our game (with Leap Motion if you like), talk about games and game development, or talk business.

Would you like to meet us? Please contact us via Twitter: @caromble@oxpal@peter_cc_heil,  @raymondbijl

See you in Cologne!