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Hi fans, friends and random people who stumble upon this website accidentally,

This week we have finally released Chapter 2 onto Steam. Chapter 2 introduces Caromble!‘s first Arkatron with the special power: Focus! We are very proud of this milestone and hope you like the 4 new story levels and 2 skill levels as much as we do. We sent around a press release to announce this milestone and you can find that one below. We are currently working hard on finshing Chapter 3 and hope to release it soon! Let’s get ready to Caromble!

Greetings from the Crimson Owl Studios team

Caromble! Chapter 2 is now available on Steam Early Access!
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The Brick Breaker over 6 years in development


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 ♫ This is Caromble!: A fresh new take on the brick break game! 


This is Caromble!

This is not just another brick breaker game. This is Caromble!: a fresh new take on the brick break game. Fight evil with physics-based destruction, puzzles, explosions, unlockable skill-levels, power-ups, mayhem, boss fights, more explosions, further puzzles, speedruns, superscore medals and much more… Visit us on Steam

Our story: One day. Every week. For over 6 years.

Our story is: high productivity, slow progress and being very persisting. Why we still work on it? Because we love it! We love to transform this retro genre into something exciting and new, hopefully you will love it too!

We are Crimson Owl Studios, a team of 5 one-day-a-week indie game developers – with regular jobs as software developers and a professional artist – working every Friday for over 6 years on Caromble!.

The Road to Gold

Last year we brought our development version of Caromble! to Steam Early Access. Chapter 2 is our first major update. The full release will contain six chapters; which will be released somewhere in 2016. However, our planning skills are not top-notch… If you want to know more about the reasoning for this Early Access adventure, please check out this absurd team video!

We hope to get as much feedback as possible in Early Access to create the brick breaker you’ve always dreamed of! Visit us on Steam

Thanks and best wishes,

Crimson Owl Studios
Caromble! Arkatron
Chapter 2 introduces Arkatron #1: Focus
Copyright © 2016 Crimson Owl Studios, All rights reserved.






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Early Access, here we come!

Finally we can proudly announce that after six years of work we’re releasing Caromble! to the public on Early Access!

It has been six years one-day-a-week effort to create this on this for us. That’s 312 Fridays! And we’re still not quite done, since this is a version we’ll improve until the final release in a couple of months. If you want to support us, and maybe give us feedback – head over to the Caromble’s Steam page:

We have released a fresh trailer with the release also:

And an explanation of what Early Access means for us (and you):

Since the morning we sold a few copies, and one of the first reactions we got was “That game is fun… ALOT of fun”. We even scored a neat Caromble! review already. And the graphics style and physics often get compliments. Good start.

Happy Caromble Team

Time to celebrate! …a little.

Early Access means though that it’s not the full version. It’s for us to ask for help with finding bugs, optimizing the engine and content. It contains the first levels… but every buyer will get the rest step by step as we’re finishing it.

Marketing will be one of our next challenges, since we have zero budget. And we notice that it takes a lot of time. But since people really like our explanation videos, it seems we’re learning.

So please check it out – and any feedback and share will help us a lot.

Caromble Early Access

Caromble! Early Access Artwork

Level Iterations

In our previous posts we talked a lot about juice. But in those posts, we mainly focused on main gameplay events and objects. As you might know, we more or less have all our levels finished. The gameplay stands, but the levels are all pretty rough around the edges.
We’re currently iterating over the first few levels. With each iteration, the gameplay is tweaked a little more and the graphics and lighting are made more coherent.

To give a few examples, check out the screenshots:

javaw 2014-10-07 21-47-16-07 javaw 2014-10-07 21-24-16-84

javaw 2014-10-07 21-32-11-52 javaw 2014-10-07 22-00-20-32

PS: We know we’ve been a bit silent on the blog lately… but believe me, it’s the calm before the storm!

Greenlight News in Indonesia

I am back! This means that I was away, which I was. I visited Indonesia for four weeks together with my girlfriend Hanna. We went to Java, Sumatra, Bali and Gili Trawangan and it was quite the experience: it was great, exciting, different, itchy, inspiring, warm, far away. And I was completely cut off from my laptop with Caromble!’s source code, which was kind of strange.
However, I got some great news in the last week of my holiday: Caromble! is greenlit! As I read this news in my e-mail, I made a strange undefined sound and did a silly dance. I think the sound could be described as a combination of a screech and a high pitched sneeze from the mouth and the dance was inspired by the Batak dance (including some improvised little hops), I had learned on Samosir, an island in Lake Toba, which is a lake in a huge volcano crater #awesomeviews.
I celebrated this wonderful achievement with an Indonesian cocktail with Hanna. The Indonesians themselves also celebrated this achievement with lots of fruit and joy as you can see:

Fruit celebration for a greenlit Caromble!

Fruit celebration for a greenlit Caromble!

Of course this was very nice, but I can’t wait to meet up with the team and party hard with some nice, well deserved Dutch (or probably Belgian) beers. I’m writing this in the airplane back to Holland, (yes, yes, technically I’m not back yet and the title of this blog post is incorrect. Get back to your cave troll;) ), where I would like to dedicate a few sentences to congratulate my team members:

Yeaahhhhh!!! Great work guys, we did it! Super awesomedary; greenlit tralalalala greenlit… Tralalalalalaa greenlit, altogether now, greenlit, padappapaadapa greenlit. Caromble!’s gonna be on Steam oh yeah oh yeah, on superduper Steam oh yeah yeah yeah..
So, now I’ve got that out of my system, let’s talk some business. We are currently working on polishing the game and improving the menu and gui to make Caromble! as solid as possible on all levels that influence the gaming experience. Now we have been greenlit, we will get access to the Steam SDK, so we will start implementing that as well. Also we are working on something that allows you players to experience some Caromble! very soon already. I hope we can tell you more about this in the coming weeks.
I want to thank everyone who has upvoted Caromble! on Steam greenlight. Thanks to you we can share our baby (because that is what this project is to us, nourishing it every Friday) with the largest group of players as possible. We will do our utmost best, to make sure that Caromble! deserves your upvotes and attention.

On the island Bali people were also aware of this great news and they sold these great souvenirs. I couldn’t resist buying one for the team ofcourse:)

Artists on Bali are big fans of Caromble!

Caromble Bali Art


Now we can finally say: Let’s get ready to Caromble! on Steam!