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New (early) Trailer!!

After many a Friday of hard work and tough discussions we have finally gotten Caromble! into a shape that we would like to show to you all.

Mind you, this shape is by no means the final shape. But we’re getting there, bit by bit and Friday by Friday. Although it’s actually Saturday right now.

Things to look out for: our new paddle (which is going to go through some more renovation soon).  Our new skyboxes (which make nice wallpapers by the way). And waaay more levels and gameplay than the previous trailer.

Stay tuned for the next trailer, where maybe we can show a bit of our challenge mode as well. I hope you enjoy the video, and don’t hesitate to give us feedback!

A study in light

Friday was one of these days that I just seemed completely unable to focus on the thing I was supposed to do, which is making a new level. It’s not that making levels isn’t fun, because it is. Just didn’t seem to happen that day… The funny thing is, on those days a lot of other things do happen.

Since the level I was supposed to be working is set at night, I figured it would be nice to have some lights flicker when switching on.

But how exactly do lights flicker? Deciding that this situation called for some experiments, I started my code editor and dragged out the Caromble! toolbox. First thing that came out was a simple formula: x*x. Plugging that in the function that controls the intensity of the light, we get a light that gets brighter at an increasingly quick rate. Nice, but not quite what I was after…

Then I thought of an old friend: Perlin Noise! Perlin noise is nice, because it gives you a random number that varies over time, but in a coherent way. For the light this means that it will be on for a while, then off for another, but  not switching every frame. This already gave a nice flickering effect.

The disadvantage of this method is the rate of flickering is constant throughout the whole period. I want the rate of flickering to be high at start, and then gradually decrease. I achieved this effect by taking the square root of the time parameter, before plugging it into the Perlin noise function.

And here is how that looks:

New Trailer & Screenshots

Checkout our new trailer and screenshots!

caromble trailer from Caromble! on Vimeo.

Indigo Prototype Trailer

That was quite a hassle – yet there we go: The Indigo-trailer for Caromble is done. We will of course keep working this until we’ll show it next week.

We are there (Utrecht Central) on the Friday 13th and Saturday the 14th of May.  While the Friday is only for registered visitors, the Saturday is open all day for everyone. Drop by and play if you dare! And let us know what you think.