The basics of the game design were born out of the first versions. Especially the physics aspect of it, since this is what most of the programming effort went into. But to have some more special features, we collected ideas of what else to bring in. Things that you don’t see in other Breakouts.

One idea that came a bit out of the style we went for was that certain objects should be more the goal to hit. In the picture here it is the nuclear power plant (colored red).

Now the question is how to stop the player from hitting it in the first go. And thats where the idea of the growing ball comes in. A bit like in Katamari Damacy: First you start up small, an can only hit smaller objects. Once you gathered enough points, you grow bigger and can hit objects of a higher level.

This last image is an example of a level idea using the size-progression. Each roman number shows another step – where you can first only affect little objects in the hall, you can later break the walls and go out to finally hit the ship.

We also decided that we want to have lots of variation: Playing with the camera, having sub-levels, level-specific goals and features. We definitely want to bring in all the ideas we have – and play with the physics to really use the aspect. So for example switching the gravity around, turning the level. And lots of goodies – multiball has to be in there, its just too much fun.
Here are some more sketches of what we could possibly do.

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